Greta Matassa, Saturday 1.26.19

Greta Matassa is an incredible jazz singer, performer, and teacher from Seattle. She’s known as Seattle’s “sweetheart” but travels the world, performing and teaching. A force of nature is what I call her! A beautiful person, in and out, I’m excited to offer her to you! Joining her is the solid, swinging and incredibly talented guitarist Bruce Forman…also not only a great performer but a great teacher too. This afternoon is going to be so educational and fun. Very “hands on”. Cost for the workshop is $60. Contact me to reserve your spot and get me a deposit!

And be aware that in the evening, they’ll be performing with Bruce Lett on bass and the renowned jazz drummer Roy McCurdy, at Vitello’s in Studio City! $20 cover, food or drink minimum.

Here’s her description of the topic of the workshop , your hair will curl up with excitement! Greta is an amazing artist and teacher. BTW she will also be available for private lessons on Friday.



Ask someone who thinks that they know what umami is, and They’ll tell you it’s the “fifth taste,” after salty, sweet, sour, and bitter. It’s that other thing, the thing you didn’t even know needed a concept or a name until someone pointed it out. That deep, dark, meaty intensity that distinguishes seared beef, soy sauce, ripe tomato, Parmesan cheese, anchovies, and mushrooms, among other things. It hits the back of your throat and leaves you craving more.” 

NOW let’s talk about vocal “Umami” ! 

I’ve been thinking about and trying to describe to my students for years that quality that separates an average singer from a great singer, and to me vocal “umami” is the best description I can imagine. 

There’s a deepness, effortlessness, rich, committed sound that all great singers have. It reaches beyond basically singing the notes in tune and in time. There’s a way of “addressing” and caressing each lyric that give intent and deeper meaning to the song! This secret is what I want to talk to you about!

It has to do with "turning a phrase", “blooming” your vowels and enrobing your sound with crisp consonants, transparent air/tone ratios, thoughtful use of vibrato and ultimately psychologically giving yourself permission to really ‘go’ that far in delivery! 

Time spent listening, emulating great voices and comparing yourself to them is intimidating but can be enlightening!

Then letting me take you line by line through one of your pieces and really tapping into this concept.

Cathy Segal-GarciaComment