Have fun, Groove, and Create! Workshop, Jam Session, PLUS Dinner! Sunday 2.17.19

Jazz Workshop for Vocalists - How to have FUN, GROOVE, CREATE!

$60 includes:

11:30 AM-3:00 Workshop with Cathy, Hideaki Tokunaga guitar, Jaco on bass.

3:30-5:30 Singers Jam with Hideaki and Jaco

6:30-8:30 Japanese dinner cooked by Jaco

Cathy Segal-Garcia's Vocal Studio … Granada Hills, CA

Vocal workshop by Cathy Segal-Garcia, with Tatsuhiko Jaco Kimura on bass, and Hideaki Tokunaga on guitar lead singers in:
“How do I have fun, groove, and create?”  
When you're a student, of course you're breaking things down so you can REALLY understand. But when do you put away being a student? When do you get to having FUN? GROOVING? CREATING? Let's do it!

Contact Cathy (818)599-3292 for reservations and deposit information.

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