PERFORMANCE IS THE KEY w/Ingrid James 2.10.19

11:30 am to 3:00 pm … $60 contact or (818)599-3292 for reservations. Seating is limited.

"Performance is the key... so let's just get straight into performing!"

"Let's look at the idea of building the deeper concept of the" neuropsychobiological" singer (neuro = brain/mind…..psycho = spirit/heart….biological….body/physical)…
Storytelling being the centre of this….using primal sounds because the story is real and focussing on authenticity. If we are too much in the head - there can be no physical or heart connection….
Technique comes into this - awareness mainly…and being more kinesthetic….But we must actualize the breaking of the patterns of thought to get ‘inside’ the song…"

These are the words of Australia's sweetheart, INGRID JAMES. She has mentioned that I (Cathy Segal-Garcia) talk about this in my ’story space room’ which the magic room you create around you is the space you create everything in. - Award-winning jazz vocalist and educator in Queensland, Australia with an extensive history of performance throughout Australia and internationally. Highlights of her career include national television appearances & performances with the Queensland Symphony and Philharmonic Orchestras at the Queensland & Gold Coast Performing Arts Centres to intimate duos, trios, quartets or quintets at Festivals, Jazz Clubs and corporate events around Australia, together with appearances in London at Ronnie Scotts, 606 Club, Pizza Express Jazz Club, Spice of Life along with performances in Paris, Monte Carlo, Nice, Marseilles, Toulon and Prague and other venues throughout Europe. Ingrid also is currently performing in the Brisbane Contemporary Jazz Orchestra (19 piece) big band and has a joint project with long time musical collaborator Louise Denson titled Colours Of Your Love by “Wild Silk Strings Project” distributed by MGM's The Planet Company on 7 September 2019. Official Brisbane Launch Saturday 29 September (see gigs).

Music critic Alan Bargebuhr in New York's Cadence Magazine described Ingrid's CD “Essence” as a probable candidate for his Best 10 list in 2005. Other reviewers acknowledge the heartfelt warmth and intimate style that characterize her performances. Tony Backhouse from New Zealand says "Ingrid James floats and swings effortlessly through the changes with a tone of honey. As well as great technique, there's an engaging warmth to her delivery like a close friend smiling at you". David Bentley, music journalist says "You've probably heard these songs before - but never like this. Thoughtful, inventive and, above all, swinging, Ingrid squeezes every line for nuance and meaning. The impeccable phrasing and accurate intonation come almost as a bonus." Scott Yanow (Author of The Jazz Singers, The Great Jazz Guitarists, Jazz on Film and Jazz on Record 1917-1976) says “Ingrid is one of the top jazz singers from Australia…has a beautiful voice, a wide range, and the ability to sing difficult intervals with ease, hitting every note perfectly in-tune. She is an original improviser, always swings, and is skilled at embracing lyrics that she believes in”. Steve Robertson from Australia’s Portland Observer 2012 and Radio Presenter says “Ingrid is a singer whose note-perfect delivery and depth of lyrical expression has elevated her into the elite of Australia’s musical talents”. And after touring and recording with Downbeat’s 7 time Trombonist of the Year winner, Bill Watrous noted “If this were the 50’s Jazz era, Ingrid James would be performing alongside other greats such as Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday. She is by far one of the best jazz vocalists I have ever worked with”.

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