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Performance is the Key - with Ingrid James

11:30 am to 3:00 pm … $60 contact or (818)599-3292 for reservations. Seating is limited.

Technique and Performance. $60 11:30-3:00 - The accompanist, you will be SO happy to sing with, is the fabulous pianist who has played with Tierney Sutton for years... Christian Jacob!


Sunday February 10th … House Concert featuring the stellar vocalist, Ingrid James, together with one of the most brilliant pianists in the world, Otmaro Ruiz !in Granada Hills.  $25.

Space limited...Reserve Early!"Let's look at the idea of building the deeper concept of the" neuropsychobiological" singer (neuro = brain/mind…..psycho = spirit/heart….biological….body/physical)…

Storytelling being the centre of this….using primal sounds because the story is real and focussing on authenticity. If we are too much in the head - there can be no physical or heart connection….

Technique comes into this - awareness mainly…and being more kinesthetic….But we must actualize the breaking of the patterns of thought to get ‘inside’ the song…