Cathy Segal Garcia
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Featuring Josh Nelson and Larry Koonse, this is a true musical collaboration between three accomplished artists. They developed the arrangements together during rehearsals, creating rich textures of sound with Segal-Garcia’s warm, dark vocals floating over the lush guitar and piano accompaniment.



Featuring 25 world-class musicians in a chamber orchestra setting. This beautiful project has arrangements by Bevan, Dennis, and Dori Amarilio. With guest artists Bennie Maupin, Tierney Sutton, Kate McGary, Mon David, and “Fish To Bird” vocal improve group.



This project is a collection of duos with 11 pianists and 1 violinist. Personnel include: Josh Nelson, Otmaro Ruiz, Vardan Ovsepian, John Beasley, Gary Fukushima, Llew Mathews, Karen Hammack, Dave MacKay, David Moscoe, Jane Getz, Bevan Manson, and Calabria Foti. The project beautifully demonstrates the subtle abilities and emotions that are available to an excellent musician and excellent vocalist when they are creating together.


The Moment Live At THE BLUE WHALE (2013)

Modern jazz artists improvising together in a flow of creative expression that grows and changes in the moment! An unusual and unique sound by four instrumentalists and Cathy.


Never Forgotten (FEAT. Ted Greene)

Legendary jazz guitarist Ted Green and "musician's singer" Cathy Segal-Garcia. Download includes 18 audio recordings. Physical CD + DVD PURCHASE includes live documentary from 2000. Run time: 1hr, 20 mins



Cathy and Korean pianist Yoonseung Cho spent two days in the studio improvisng on original tunes and other jazz compositions. The result is a musical kaleidoscope of sound textures that stretch the boundaries of the voice-keyboard dyad.


Secret Life (2003)

An alternative jazz project with a mix of world music, jazz, pop, R&B. With Karen Hammack on piano, Chris Symer on bass, and Kendall Kay on drums, and featuring background vocals by Cathy, Lou Castro, Cheryl Barnes, and Alison Wedding.


point of view (2003)

Cathy's first CD, most of the songs are originals by Gus Garcia and Cathy. With Frank Severino, John Heard, Octavio Bailly, Bill Lohr, Rick Helzer, Armando Compean, Art Rodriguez, Tom Brechtlein, Wayne Johnson, Russell Ferrante, Jim Lacefield, Jim Cowger, Loren Pickford, Clay Jenkins, Paul Yonemura, Gary Willis, and Scott Colley.


alone together feat. Phillip Strange (1998)

Voice and piano duo take an adventurous ride in a modern jazz style through standards. Segal and Strange have been working on the road for over 22 years.



A duo recording with pianist Ross Tompkins, the pianist for the Doc Severinson Tonight Show band.Truly a vocalist’s accompanist, this is a recording of all standards. A mellow recording, easy on the ears; classic jazz.



Adventurous, sensuous modern jazz. Cathy is accompanied by a top-notch trio with Phillip Strange, Marc Johnson, and Peter Erskine. Original songs and standards in a less-is-more jazz style.



An intimate visit with ledgendary jazz guitarist Joe Diorio and the warm sound of Cathy’s vocals. Originally recorded in 1995, this recording is the culmination of a fortunate meeting on the bandstand in 1976.




“Segal-Garcia’s emotional performance is bolstered by poignant guitar on the heartfelt “Canto Triste,” and the jazz waltz “Sometime Ago/Children’s Song” finds the vocalist scatting in scalar fashion while Koonse tastefully toys with dissonance and Nelson adds playful spice to the trio’s uplifting departure.”
~Downbeat by Kerilie McDowall 


“A songwriter and vocal interpreter of uncommon emotional depth and intuitive lyrical insight, L.A. jazz veteran Cathy Segal-Garcia has the uncanny ability of discovering deeper, previously uncharted soul territory in a song no matter the surroundings… Her latest, true to its title, Dreamsville, is remarkable for its pin drop hushed sense of intimacy and masterful expressions of tender, thoughtful moods.”
~JW Vibe by Jonathan Widran

“Segal-Garcia unleashes a vulnerability that is difficult to ignore. From lost lovers to deceased siblings, she sings more in the tradition of Janis Ian than of the more famous jazz names, but it works. The title track and the  “The Three of Us” demonstrate the emotional impact that the songs on this album can have… Dreamsville is a thoughtfully rendered recording that will provide the perfect music for those looking for a gentle, but emotionally rich soundtrack.”
~Lemonwire by Dodie Miller-Gould

“Cathy Segal-Garcia has her own vocal style and tone, easily recognizable and perhaps most closely compared to Joni Mitchell. She is forever challenging herself and her music. The simplicity of this production leaves the trio vulnerable, in a good way.”
~Musical Memoirs by Dee Dee McNeil




 “If you are old enough to remember pop music before Beatles, this set is going to sound like a throwback to the jazz thrush albums your parents had laying around the rec room, back when the arranger was the kind of cat that ruled the roost.  Hanging with a bunch of singers and players that rank among our faves, Segal-Garcia works a groove that feels like it’s coming from her heart and is sure to touch yours.  Solid stuff that’s easily going to take you someplace else.”
~Midwest Record by Chris Spector

“The Jazz Chamber is a work of collaborative splendor between musicians, arrangers, and the voice of Cathy Segal-Garcia and her guests. Cathy gets to put a check mark by this item on her wish-list—a recording with chamber orchestra—and we are the beneficiaries.”
~The Jazz Owl by Travis Rogers, Jr.

“Segal-Garcia's concept is very much in keeping with an integrated tone poem, touching on matters of the heart, mind, and ideology… The Jazz Chamber is jazz on the very edge of creative thought.”
~All About Jazz by C. Michael Bailey

“Cathy Segal-Garcia brings her flexible and warm voice to meld with the sepia tones of a chamber ensemble. This is a chamber worth hanging around in.”
~JazzWeekly by George Harris




“There can be little doubt that Segal-Garcia is every bit the accomplished artist and teacher that her resume boasts. She has a facility with all of the technical wares in the jazz vocal arsenal: scat, vocalese, ballad singing...she is a total package. In2uition is an ambitious program of originals and carefully chosen standards all honed expertly by Segal-Garcia.”
~All About Jazz by C. Michael Bailey

 “Cathy sings with eloquent charm and deep understanding of the lyrics; indeed, on some songs she brings to the surface qualities not always uncovered by other singers… there are many profound and moving moments to cherish. Cathy’s vocal sound is a warm contralto that brings added depths and maturity to performances that are of the highest quality. A wholly admirable set that will be admired by many.”
~Jazz Mostly by Bruce Crowther

 “Cathy shines the bright light of her total talent on fourteen songs, and as you listen to her …your ears will realize they have made the acquaintance of a real jazz vocal master”
~Contemporary Fusion Reviews by Dick Metcalf

“Garcia performs, unintimidated, deft with full-bodied tone against whatever creative chord Beasley throws at her, holding the melody like a baby, precious against her bosom.”
~Musical Memoirs by Dee Dee McNeil



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The Jazz Chamber.

"A prodigious work, The Jazz Chamber continues Segal-Garcia’s ongoing evolution as a jazz visionary."