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7 Piece Vocal Improvisation! FISH to BIRDS at Sunspace in Sunland

F2B rooftop fun.JPG

We improvise.  We morph.  We create something out of nothing with our combined voices and spirits.  
 - 7 Voices/No Script/Swim Deep/Fly High - - Diversity becomes Unity! -
7 unique internationally known performing & recording artists join together to sing improvised music, created in the moment. Let them draw you into a world where voices 

become drums & instruments, ideas become songs, 

songs become stories, audiences become a part 

of the music-making, and magic is made....

We are FISH 2 BIRDS:  Adrianne Duncan, Emile Hassan Dyer, Cecily Gardner, Ashley Maher, Mon David, Cathy Segal-Garcia, + Tracy Robertson (missing in our picture!)



9683 Sunland Blvd, off the 210

in a little strip-mall!

suggested donation  $5, $10, or $15